Head, shoulders, knees and ...
penises, vulvas, and vaginas!
These guides offer readers the information they need to understand how bodies work.

The Learning About Body Books:

Use bright illustrations, readable language, and a matter-of-fact tone.

Embrace diversity, reassure kids, & answer common questions.

Provide guidance to caregivers on being an askable parent.



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What People Are Saying...

  • Educational and approachable, this engaging read offers up age-appropriate definitions of these “private parts” while describing them as “just parts of the body, like elbows, chins, or toes” as well as “pretty special” components that “do things that no other body part can do.”

    Publisher's Weekly
  • "This book is an absolute gem in this space for body safety books. If you are looking for a resource that promotes body positivity, privacy, and safety look no further. Five stars!"

    @toughtopicsmom Kimberly King,
    author of Body Safety for Young Children
  • "[My husband] heard me reading them to M. He came up to me afterwards and said, 'Those were really well-done,' and 'I understand why you got them for her now, and I'm so glad you did.' 🥹 ... These are SUCH good resources for parents to lead discussions with their children."

    Early Childhood Educator
  • "The perfect balance for young children with accurate information, inclusive language, and body positivity... a must-have for parents and educators of young children who want to empower young people with knowledge about and acceptance of their bodies."

    Rev. Amy Johnson,
    United Church of Christ Minister for Sexuality Education and Justice
  • "These books have been on my must-buy list since you announced that you were making them!... The drawings are fantastic... Having something accessible for younger kids is so important."

    Sex Ed Book Review podcast
  • "You need to be teaching your child the anatomically correct term for their genitals. These are books that help teach children about their bodies so they can be safe... and hopefully be able tell you when something is going wrong."

  • "These two books are a great age-appropriate way to introduce children to their body parts. It's also good for children to know about the body parts they don't have. Removing the mystery makes it less likely they will be involved in inappropriate situations."

  • "I was super excited to discover that we finally have some books for young children that teach them the proper names, are diverse, inclusive, and talk about a part of their body in a factual way, but also throwing in some body safety educational stuff as well."

    Cath Hakanson, Founder, Sex Ed Rescue, and author of The Parents' Guide to Explaining Sex
  • "They're really, really sweet. The art is amazing. I would recommend that you get both books; they are really special."

    Claire Applemans, Living Earth Sex Ed

About the Authors
and Illustrator

Dorian Solot and Marshall Miller are nationally recognized sexuality educators who are passionate about increasing people’s knowledge and comfort with their own bodies.

Tyler Feder is an artist whose work explores big feelings, feminism, and pop culture. Her debut solo work won the Sydney Taylor gold medal for young adult literature.